Internet act analysis system, inFRONT

inFRONT detects any abnormal conditions of users/services/sites based on the analysis of all the traffic on network, and divides working/non-working sections and systematically classifies them on web. And based on the classification, it suggests reasonable standards for their maximized use for customers’ business. It is a real-time Internet act analysis system.


  Real-time monitoring of users/services/sites based on the analysis of all the traffic activities, and provision of various
   statistical information

  Provision of integrated dashboard that can check and control any abnormal conditions at a time, and of various analysis reports

  Precise analysis of users' acts by searching users' real-time use history and time series analysis

  Application of DAC (Deep Activity Collection) for multi-gigabit highly-efficient processing (working on application for patent)

  Provision of various visual information for UI, which an administrator can recognize easily and fast, and decision-making

  Encouraging the administrator's immediate recognition and prompt correspondence through various SLA policies

  Checking customers' use of web through systematic web classification

  Creation of automation reports by schedule and storage of external files of reports (Excel, PDF)

Sensor Manager
· Real-time data collection for layer 7 · Integrated dashboard recognizable at a glance
· Bypass for prevention of troubles · User-friendly intuitive UI
· DAC technology for multi-gigabit highly-efficient processing · Purpose-based time-series analysis of users, services or sites
· Prevention of troubles through duplication of power and memory · Analysis and aggressive management by real-time monitoring
· Various interfaces (Fiber/Copper) · A wide range of statistics and automated report generation
· Wired speed processing in line and realization of latency '0'   on schedule
· Support for service level agreements (SLAs)
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